Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summertime Missin' You

Lily girl 💕 ~ I wish you could be here.

To have come to see your mommy in her play last week.

To spend afternoons at the pool. To go to the park and museum, and all the other fun summertime things kids are enjoying.

It doesn't have to a special holiday or occasion for me to feel the ache of your absence. Sometimes it's the day-to-day mundane moments when I simply just wish I could grab your hand, hear your laugh, and for you to be a part of the memory making.

I read an article that said studies show when a mother sleeps on her back in her 3rd trimester, it increases the risk of stillbirth. I can barely stand the thought that I'm missing out on a lifetime of summers with you potentially because of one time unknowingly rolling over onto my back during sleep.


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