Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Special Gift for a Special Week

Over the weekend, a special gift came in the mail from my dear, sweet Ellerslie sister, Laura! It was a cherry on top of a special week (wrapping up my birthday and spiritual birthday week). This is what Laura wrote me:

"Well, the Lord's timing is perfect! When I emailed you for your address to send this out, I had no idea that this simple gift to remember Lily and the time of year you found out you were pregnant with her would turn into that, as well as a birthday and spiritual birthday present! Praise Jesus for the Spirit's leading in all things!

I hope this note and package finds you well, and loving our Savior more with each passing day. I know August must be both a beautiful and difficult month for you, so I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you, sister, and your precious daughter. I thank God that you chose life for her, and for the legacy she left behind when she passed from this life to the next. I know that you have many things to remind you of her, so I thought you could have another to add to your collection. I hope it touches you as both of your lives have touched mine. Your courageous depth and sweetness has so inspired me as you walk with the Lord. Thank you for being the lovely example you are!

So, happy birthday, happy spiritual birthday, and happy "LIFE for Lily" day!"

I just love how she said "LIFE for Lily" day! I am definitely going to be using that expression from here on out. Below is a picture of the beautiful gift she sent me! It is a framed photograph of a gorgeous lily blossoming just as my Lily girl is blossoming in Heaven.

Laura is an absolutely amazing photographer and I am always admiring her work. :) She had no idea that the frame would go perfectly in my room and the color of the lily goes with the color scheme in my room.

There was also a beautiful quote with the lovely note:

"As a star that is lost when daylight is given,
She hath faded away to shine brightly in Heaven."

What a blessing this note and gift was and is to me. No matter how many things I have that remind me of my girl, I never get sick of them, especially when others remember her with me! It means more than people could ever realize.

Laura, thank you again for being so thoughtful and sweet! I love, love, love this beautiful gift! I have the perfect spot for it on my bamboo nightstand in my room. :)

Miss Laura and I at Ellerslie in December 2011 :)


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