Sunday, August 12, 2012

My 23rd Birthday!

Today is my 23rd Birthday. My third one without Lily here to celebrate with me. But, I celebrate while holding her close in my heart. Memories of birthdays past wash over me. Dreams of birthdays to come dance in my head. Birthdays hoped for with baby giggles and hugs and kisses and love showered over me.

My best friend growing up lost her husband unexpectedly on Friday morning, August 10. I am reminded afresh of the fragility of life and just how precious each moment is...may we never take a second for granted! May we live today the legacy we want to leave.

I am just so thankful to be alive. Thankful for this beautiful LIFE God has given me. Though saddened that Lily didn't live long enough to see even her actual birthday. Why do I get to celebrate so many and she didn't get to see just one? Why do some live to 100 and she not live past the womb?

Rejoicing today for LIFE and the gift of being alive and very thankful...for the greatest gift I ever received. The blessing of being Lily Katherine's mother. Because of her life, I am fully alive. I see how precious this day, every day is.

Thank you, Jesus, for these 23 years. I don't know how many more birthdays I will get to celebrate here on earth, but I pray that You accomplish all your purposes in and through my life in that time.

The love of sweet Lily and Jesus shower down on me from Heaven today.

Thank You for LIFE...

I had a very special day celebrating. My mom made me a delicious birthday brunch, we watched the Olympics, I went to the Raleigh rose garden and got refreshing smoothies with my mom and sister, and now we are having pizza and watching the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. The weather was nice out today, especially for mid-August in North Carolina. :)

I am looking forward to 23! It's funny...I asked random people this week how old they thought I was turning and I got 19, 29, and 33! Jeez, do I really look that old? Haha! I really do feel old though, which I know sounds silly. A friend posted something on facebook today that I really liked. She said may this milestone be another stone of remembrance of how far God has brought me. Amen to that. My life keeps marching on...though Lily's barely ever began...I can only hope to impact people a small fraction of how she impacted impacts.

"I daresay old maids are very comfortable when they get used to it." 
~Jo, from CYT's Little Women ;)

Farewell, 22. From now on, whenever I think of 22, I will be reminded of the beautiful season I spent at Ellerslie. I am looking forward to this next step forward in my adventure with Jesus! Only He knows what my future will hold. Each year of my life has been so different from the year before. Praying that this year will be full to overflowing with His love and light and that His plan for my life will unfold even more. :)

Today I am also honoring Sierra on her 4th birthday, Liliana's due date, Cassie's 12th birthday in Heaven, and a couple other friend's birthdays.

Thank you to all my amazing friends and family for all the love today!

Embracing 23!!



  1. Happy, happy birthday dear friend! I was sad I didn't see you, but I'm so glad you had a good day! <3 I love the CYT quote. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Hannah Rose! Your birthday is one day before mine...except I'll be 51! Youch! LOL! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! <3

  3. You are too cute! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful friend one day and ten years separate our births :) Saying a prayer that you upcoming year will be the best ever!!!


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