Friday, December 28, 2012

Eden's Wings

Eden's Wings is a ministry started by a gal named Molly in honor and memory of her daughter, Eden Elizabeth. She "provides a tangible symbol of healing, hope, and remembrance to bereaved parents through their handmade bracelets."
This is what Molly wrote about Eden's Wings on her Facebook page:

"Our precious daughter, Eden, was born sleeping on March 18, 2012. After 38 weeks of healthy pregnancy, her death came as a complete and devastating shock. In the following months, I struggled with finding purpose behind her death. I began to search for ways to remember my sweet baby girl's short, but profound life. Through this mission, I founded Eden's Wings. It is my hope that when you look down and see your bracelet, you are reminded that your child is loved and remembered."

I received my beautiful bracelet in the mail on Christmas Eve. I waited until Christmas morning to open it. What perfect timing - it felt like a Christmas gift! :) I wore it all day on Christmas and each time I noticed it on my wrist, I smiled as I remembered my two precious babies that the blue and pink symbolizes (I was able to select the dangles I wanted on the bracelet). Though I wish with all my heart that they were here to celebrate Christmas with me, it brought me joy to know they are not forgotten. They were a part of the day, even if through something as small as a bracelet. The bracelet is seriously gorgeous. My mom loves it too. I plan on wearing it only on special occasions so that it lasts a long time. 

Molly is honoring Eden is such a beautiful way. Not only is the bracelet significant because of what it stands for and not only is it pretty, but it means so much to know that Molly is ding this out of love for her daughter and all our babies in Heaven. It is so special that it was handmade with love.

Click HERE to follow Eden's Wings on Facebook and to request your own bracelet. And click HERE to visit the Eden's Wings website (notice Molly used my photo of my bracelet on the header). :)


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