Friday, December 14, 2012

Luke Bear-Made by Molly Bears

Less than a month ago, I shared my beautiful Lily Bear that the amazing Molly Bears made for me. In short, Molly Bears is a non-profit organization that creates weighted teddy bears to be given free of charge to families who have lost a baby. The bears are made to weigh the exact weight of the baby that passed away. It is a way to fill the empty arms of a family in need. Each bear is unique and special for the individual family.

Molly Bears has recently started offering mini micro bears for early pregnancy losses.
When we say Molly Bears is for each family grieving the loss of an infant, we mean each and every baby matters, starting from looking at that first pink line. Molly Bears can make bears that are 1/4 of an ounce up to 22 pounds. Peace and comfort sent with love. 
~Molly Bears Team
I had almost received my Lily Bear when they started making these precious little bears. I was planning on requesting my Luke Bear (who was lost at 6 weeks gestation) last month, when I wrote someone who is on the Molly Bear team who made my Lily Bear. I wanted to know if I should update my current wait-list number or if they wanted me to request another and have my name on there twice, with two numbers. (sorry if that's confusing lol). Anyways, the wait to get a bear is 12-14 months, so I was a bit disappointed that I had my Lily Bear and would have to wait a long while to get my Luke Bear. I was so surprised and excited when Tamberly said they would get my Luke Bear right to me! He arrived home on Monday. I am so thankful and happy to have both my precious bears home for Christmas! They are such a comfort. :)

As I mentioned with my Lily Bear, when you request your bear, you can ask for specific things to be included that remind you of your baby. For my Luke Bear, I requested that he be lightly colored, like my Lily Bear is. And I requested that he have a green/blue ribbon because those are the two colors that remind me of him (mostly green). And butterflies are very special and symbolic to me and make me think of Luke, so I requested that be incorporated somehow. I didn't really know how much they can customize the tiny bears. And I didn't know exactly how tiny it would actually be.

But, oh, look how precious! He is perfect...I just love him. His arms and legs move around, which is so neat and he just looks like a vintage bear to me. He fits perfectly in Luke's memory box. I love his blue ribbon with green polka dots and green butterfly!

Held in the palms of my hands.

Here he is in Luke's memory box.

Luke Bear and Lily Bear...don't they look cute together? :)

Molly Bears operates completely off of donations, so if you have the resources to donate some bears and/or other supplies or money to make the bears, please do so and help the many waiting families have their empty arms filled with something tangible and so very beautiful. You can also purchase a T-Shirt from the Molly Bears Shop, with all proceeds from the sale of the merchandise funding bear making.

If you would like to request a Molly Bear for yourself (this isn't for everyone, so you cannot request it for someone else, only for yourself) the request page opens on the 30th of each month for a 24-hour period. You can click here to see the information that they ask for. Look around on their website for lots more details.

Click here to become a fan of Molly Bears on facebook to keep up with their latest news.

Thank you sweet Tamberly for making both my beautiful bears and putting such love and care into it. And thank you for getting them home for Christmas! And thank you to Molly Bears for this absolutely incredible way you are serving the babyloss community!


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