Thursday, December 20, 2012

The "Royal Baby"

The majority of the world knows who Prince William and Princess Kate are...and lots of us have heard recently that they are expecting their first child...the "royal baby." Everyone is so excited that they are pregnant with the little one who could one day be the next King or Queen. I think it's safe to say lots of people are obsessing about it.

My question is, why aren't we calling it the "royal fetus?"

Is an unborn child only a "baby" when he or she is wanted, but is otherwise a "fetus" or "blob of tissue/cells"? What is the difference between Kate's unborn child and the unborn child of a woman sitting in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood? Is it because Kate's child is "of royal blood" that makes it more important? Is the "royal family" more important in the eyes of God?

People act as if the value of a person depends on whether they are wanted, by their parents and by the world, in the case of Will and Kate's baby.

What if we treated all babies as the valuable gifts from God that they are? No matter who their parents are or what circumstances they're born into.

Another thought on this...though Kate is only in the early weeks of her pregnancy, the world would be deeply saddened, some probably even grieved, if she were to miscarry. Because they already announced the pregnancy, people would notice if she wasn't getting bigger as the months go by. But, if she is carrying nothing more than a "blob of cells," what I ask, would there be to grieve?

And if they decided they didn't want this baby, whether because it turns out to be a boy when they wanted a girl or vice versa, or because they just decide they aren't ready to be parents, would the world be okay if they aborted in the first, second, or even the third trimester? If it's  their "choice," not a baby until birth, and none of our business, why should anybody care or even discuss their baby until we know they want it?

Just some thoughts for you...



  1. Preach it sista HR! Good one, girl! Sad, but true.

  2. Go Hannah! I am both excited and saddened about this... I think, as you've taken, it gives us a great opportunity to highlight this with people who might otherwise be really closed minded to anything but a fetus or blob of cells... obviously, we know this precious life is more than that!

  3. This was really good. I've never considered that, so thank you for giving me yet another thought to ponder. I'm thrilled with knowing that your two sweet babies are equally valuable & special to Jesus as William & Kate's is...and equal to every other baby knit together in the womb by His loving hands. Celebrating life with you this Christmas season.

  4. Oh, how true... very well written Hannah...


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