Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Remembering Together Ornament Swap

This year I participated in the Remembering Together Ornament Swap for the first time. I am very happy I did. :) 

"Remembering Together Swaps offers a way for families in the loss community to support each other and create meaningful projects during potentially difficult holiday seasons." ~from the website
How it works is people sign up on the website and give a little information about their baby to be given to the person making their ornament to have ideas to work with. Then, the ladies that facilitate the swap send out emails with information on who each person participating will be making an ornament for and the baby's name, birthday, and other special things that remind them of their baby.
There is a lot of room to be creative. But, it doesn't matter if you aren't super-crafty. What matters is the thought and love behind it. It is a very special thing to be handmade, with that specific child in mind.

It is a wonderful way to honor and remember someone else's baby and to have yours honored and remembered as well...especially during such a difficult time of year to be without our children. Sometimes people don't acknowledge them around the holidays and so it's really special to have someone take the time to do this.

Here is the ornament I received from Carrie, who I have never met before this swap. It is nice to connect with new people. :) I love that it's a snowflake and is decorated beautifully with my girl's name on it. I am actually going to hang it on the window and imagine that it's snowing haha. Sadly, dreaming of a white Christmas is about as far as it's going to go here in North Carolina. This week it's been in the 70s. Carrie also sent a nice Christmas card with the ornament.

Here is the ornament I made for Holly, who is actually already my friend. :) The color purple and stars remind her of her daughter, so I definitely wanted to include those two things. I found a star-shaped plain ornament and glued purple glitter on it. Then, I found some special little tags and glued that on and wrote her name and birthday with my special gold pen that I use for Lily's scrapbook.

It was a joy to both make an ornament in honor of a precious little one and to receive one.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, remember it for next year! It really is very special. 

Here is a video they put together with photos of lots 
of the ornaments that were given for the swap! :)



  1. I too signed up for that swap! I am still waiting for my ornament... but I was thrilled to make an ornament for my chosen momma. A blue heart that I made and painted and a painted rock! I also signed up for the one that FOLFOH was doing and met a great momma through it.


  2. I too am part of the swap. I did it last year too but unfortunately never got an ornament. Its starting to look like this year might be the same :(

    I'm glad you got yours though!


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