Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Album from a Babyloss Mama

Jetty Rae is a gifted musician who desires to make art and beauty out of her pain - from the loss of her precious baby daughter. Obviously, this sort of thing is very near and dear to me, so please consider supporting her in the making of five music videos to accompany the songs on her new EP, "Climbing Clouds." She has some fun perks for your contribution. I am looking forward to hearing her love, joy, pain, and hope on her new EP, as well as seeing the music videos that are sure to be a big voice for pregnancy and infant loss. I know that much of my heart for my girl will be in her words to her girl. Tomorrow is the last day to contribute, so please help her reach her goal! To find out more about this amazing artist and worthwhile project, click here. To follow her on facebook, click here.

Here is Jetty Rae's Indiegogo Campaign Video...if this video is this beautiful, I can only imagine how beautiful the actual music videos will be! :-)


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