Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lily's Spot Decorated for Spring

As I've mentioned before, Lily is buried in my hometown in Virginia, and I live in North Carolina, so I'm unable to visit her spot as much as I'd like and can't decorate if often myself. Thankfully, I have a great friend who lives in the town where Lily's buried who offers to do it for me and lets me send her the things I want to be taken to Lily's spot. And she takes awesome pictures for me to see! :-) As I like to say, it's the next best thing to actually going myself.

Elise decorated Lily's spot for her birthday last month and just decorated it again this month for springtime! I sent her this beautiful flag I got customized online.

I have had trouble finding flags that are appropriate for her spot, so when I discovered that I could custom-make them, I was so happy! If you are interested in getting a customized flag in honor of your baby, you can do so online and for not too expensive. Just google "custom-made garden flags" and then don't forget to also look for a coupon code online! Most places have coupons.

I am going to switch out the flags for different holidays and seasons. I love the bright colors in this one, and of course butterflies are special and symbolic to me because they symbolize new LIFE in Christ! I also have my butterfly flag stand, rather than just a typical one. Found that one after some searching online. Lily's spot has to be just perfect. :-)

Spring is a time of flowers blooming, so I got the words on this flag to say "Bloom in Heaven, Lily Katherine." Because even though "my little flower" isn't blooming on earth, like she would have been had she lived (she was born at the genesis of spring), I know with all my heart that she is blooming with LIFE Eternally with Jesus.

It reminds me of the quote that is perfect for her:
"A tiny flower, lent not given, to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven..."

Look at the gorgeous April sky and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the background. :)

Thank you, friend, for decorating her special spot for me and taking photos for me to see! ♥



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