Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She'll never graduate

My "little" cousin, Anna, graduated from high-school last week. And just like that, another wave of grief washed over me...

My sweet girl will never graduate.

Not from pre-school. Not from kindergarden. Not from elementary school. Not from middle school. Not from high-school. Not from college.

Not from anything.

Yet another realization of another moment I will never experience with my first-born.

It feels as if my cousin was just a little girl herself. The time truly flies by so fast. Before I know it, the time will come when Lily would be graduating high-school. And I will think of her then and wonder who she would have become as an 18-year-old. Lovely, I'm sure. But, I will never see her walk across a stage to receive her diploma. I will never see her chase her dreams. I will never see her discover all God has for her life and future.

Oh, but I know He still has so much planned for her LIFE and LEGACY and it is unfolding now and will continue to unfold forever. Her body may be in the ground, but the beauty of her story will never die. For the very Author-of-life is the One breathing life into the story.

It is going to be so strange and so hard to see other children around Lily's age grow up and experience milestones such as this. And know that my daughter will always remain my baby girl.



  1. I am sure you see your loving child in every girl around you. Now you can do only one thing. Love them, teach them, if possible. You are really qualified to teach about the chastity which Jesus loves. One's chastity can be offered as a gift to God. I wish you all success and joy.

  2. Oh those waves of grief. They just keep coming, don't they? Soon we will be older, and then old, and our babies will still be the same -- dead, ageless ash. I hold onto the hope of seeing my sweet girl in Heaven, but the road from here to there is long and hard. So grateful to be able to travel it with lovely souls like you, Hannah Rose. <3


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