Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thoughtful friends and a peek at Lily's headstone

For Lily's 3rd Heavenly Birthday, I had two very generous, thoughtful, kind people donate some money towards Lily's headstone. This truly meant/means the world to me! One of the people is my good friend who said she wanted to give a small amount in honor of Lily on her birthday towards her stone. The other person is someone I barely knew (I've gotten to know him more since then). My friend Tracey asked me to babysit for her and when I got there, she handed me an envelope and I opened it up to find a rather large amount of cash to go towards Lily's stone from her father! I was at a loss for words. To have people donate towards Lily's stone, especially someone who barely knows me, is incredible. To know that other people understand in a way how much this means to me... wow. When I see Lily's stone, I will always remember your kindness to me! I thank you with all of my heart, Brittany and "Papa Dude!" :)

Speaking of Lily's stone... I first placed the order the day before her birthday, so over three months ago already! The actual stone is in the process of being made. I am now working on finalizing the wording/design plans for the front and back. I am quite pleased so far with how the Monument Company I'm working with is handling everything. I will share much more about everything once it's all completed and installed. I can't wait to share photos of the actual stone, but until then, I couldn't resist sharing a little sneak peek of her beautiful stone!! I will share all the symbolism behind it and reasons why I chose the things I did later. Isn't it so beautiful for my beautiful girl? :)



  1. Beautiful 0:-)

  2. I love the rose and the lily flowers on top <3

  3. I love it! The lamb is my favorite! I don't know why I put baby booties on mine when I really wanted a lamb. The lamb might not have fit on the footstone. I put a lamb for decorations everytime I can find one.....very symbolic!

  4. Oh my, Hannah! I Love it! It is going to look so perfect in her spot!

  5. Her headstone is beautiful <3

  6. Naomi LetourneauJune 23, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    Lovely and perfect!


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