Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Author of Life

I don't want to be known as someone who is part of the "pro-life movement," but rather as someone who is passionate about Jesus and His message of redemption, healing, mercy, grace, purity, and LIFE! 

Before about a year ago, I naively thought that in order to be pro-life, it must mean you love Jesus. God has allowed some tough circumstances into my life to teach me some important lessons. For me, being pro-life goes hand-in-hand with following Christ. My story just so happens to be a pro-life story, however the central focus of my story is JESUS! It is a story that has the Gospel at its core. The only reason standing for LIFE matters is because of the Author of LIFE! Without HIM, NONE of this matters! 

God has strongly impressed this on my heart - that I am not to seek to be in the pro-life movement, but rather to be just a girl saved by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, a girl who wants to share the power of the Cross and the beauty of LIFE with others. He has shown me that I am to NEVER take the emphasis off of Him when I'm speaking and sharing my story. I know because of this, I will be rejected by some. However, I am to never change the message of my story, depending on who I'm sharing with/where I'm sharing. Maybe where I speak won't necessarily look the way I thought, but I want to remain open to what God is wanting to do and where He's wanting to take me. He is giving me new vision for my ministry. He will open the doors He wants me to walk through in His own perfect time and way.


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