Monday, June 3, 2013

To spend my life is Your reward

The Lord is strongly speaking to my spirit that this time in my life is a very important time of preparation for my future. I am to use it wisely because I can never get this time of sacred singleness back, when I have children or a husband to care for. 

I think so often those who are single can dwell so much on the fact that they are single that they forget that this time is truly so special, so beautiful, and such an incredible opportunity for growth and to do things for God that are much harder to do (some things impossible) when one has a family.

God is leading me to spend this time of sacred singleness focusing on these things: becoming a better public speaker and writer, and educating myself on pro-life arguments and reasoning (especially hiding in my heart what Scripture says about LIFE)... I know I am called to a life of ministry. I also know I have much to learn and can feel so weak and inadequate for the call that is on my life. Yet, I know that as a follower of Christ, I am not to live by my feelings, but by truth

And the truth is...if Jesus is calling me to something, I can trust with everything in me He will prepare me, strengthen me, give me courage and His wisdom and knowledge to fulfill His calling! It amazes me how He truly chooses the weak and most unlikely among us to be used in mighty ways. Let me be the first to tell you I know there are so many people who are much better suited for my calling...but, God truly speaks His strength in the midst of our weakness. It is amazing to look back and see what a shy, awkward person I used to be (and can still sometimes be), but that God has given me a desire so great to speak out publicly on one of the most controversial topics today...that can only be Him! He is amazing. All glory and honor is His alone!

Please pray I have excitement and enthusiasm about growing and learning (even when I feel overwhelmed by just how much I feel I DON'T know), perseverance and strength to become all God has called me to be, and the ability to use this time wisely. Thank you for the support and prayers!

God is already leading me in specific steps to take and I look forward to sharing more soon!

I have been listening to this beautiful song on repeat. It is actually one of my favorite songs EVER. An amazing woman of God named Ella Powell wrote it and sings it and an amazing man named Steve Rosen is the musician behind it. I met Ella at Ellerslie Leadership Training in Colorado and she is so gifted. This song is so powerful and gives me chills each time I hear it! I heard it at my Ellerslie graduation and have wanted to hear it again since then...and was so glad to hear that you can now download it for free! You will really want to keep up with Irish Elk Media! Click on the link to hear the song...these words are the cry of my heart.

I have been struggling lately, realizing that I have no strength in and of myself and cannot do this myself. I am so, so weak. Yet, He is strong! And He will give me His strength to fight!

Anguish of Your Heart
Ella Powell and Steve Rosen

Teach my hands to fight so they won't grow tired.
Cause my eyes to see through the darkness deep.
Battles may get fierce, but I shall know no fear.
I won't look to the left or right, but to the Cross before mine eyes.
To the Cross before mine eyes.
My hand is bound upon Thy sword.
To spend my life is Your reward.
To You, my King, belongs the crown.
So pour me out for Your renown.
I surrender all,
Yield before Your throne.
Test and try Lord.
Make me strong.
'Til I've been refined and fully fortified 
To fight for the frail and lost 
And bare the anguish of Your heart. 
To bear the anguish of Your heart.
My hand is bound upon Thy sword.
To spend my life is Your reward.
To You, my King, belongs the crown.
So pour me out for Your renown.
I'll fight for the frail and lost and bare the anguish of Your heart.



  1. Thank you, Hannah Rose! That was really encouraging!

  2. I tried the link, and could not find any place to download; any suggestions? I, too, heard this at Ellerslie, and have looked for it since, just hadn't known who wrote it or the title!


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