Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sand from Carly Marie

My friend Tiffany lives in California and went to the O.C. Walk to Remember last month. Carly Marie was in California for a visit from Australia and also went to the walk. She was handing out goodies, including little bottles of sand from Christian's Beach. This is the beach in Australia where Carly does all her beautiful artwork and where she's written thousands of babies names in the sand. Her artwork has been a huge part of my grief and healing. I treasure everything she has done for me. Truly, the babyloss community would look very different if Carly were not a part of it.

Anyways, Tiffany was so sweet to get me a bottle of this sand. She mailed it to me and it just arrived yesterday! It is in the cutest little bottle. I am so thankful to have this little bit of sand from the very beach where Lily's name was written across the world. It will be kept in Lily's memory chest forever... I am so happy it arrived when it did because I will be placing Lily's stone in about a week and a half and plan on sprinkling some of this sand at her "special spot." Not many people get to have some of the actual sand from Christian's Beach, so I feel so blessed. Thank you Carly Marie for giving these bottles out and thank you so much Tiffany for getting me a bottle and mailing it to me!

Tiffany's sweet daughter Genesis shares a birthday with my Lily... she was born on March 16, 2007, so I feel a special connection with them. The package that Tiffany mailed to me with the sand in it was addressed to "Lily and Hannah Rose." It made my heart smile to see my girl's name. :)


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