Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Capture Your Grief 2013-Day 1

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2013 Photography Project 
Day 1: Sunrise
October 1, 2013 ♥

Day 1. Sunrise: Just like last year, I thought it would be very meaningful for us all to capture the beginning of this journey and important month by us all getting up early to photograph the sunrise from wherever we are in the world. I know depending on where you are and what climate you are in that there may not be a sunrise, but if you can still get to a window, snap a photo of the morning. When you share your photo online make sure you write what State/Country you are in and the time of the sunrise. It will be a wonderful way for us all to feel connected.

This wasn't taken at sunrise this morning, but from my front porch at around 10 a.m. The sky is breathtakingly blue today, unlike last year on this day when it was rainy and gray outside. I can hardly believe it is October again. I am really looking forward to this project, as it was so healing for me last year. The leaves on the trees here are starting to change colors, so I thought it was a beautiful symbol of change and growth. 

"Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning." -Psalm 30:5

In honor, remembrance, and celebration of my beautiful Lily Katherine. Today was my Luke Shiloh's due date.

-To see all of my photos from the photography project click HERE.
-To share your own photos on the event page and to see the lovely photos others are sharing click HERE.


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