Monday, December 2, 2013

4 Seems Like Such a Big Number

A few nights ago, I saw a commercial about the upcoming Winter 2014 Olympics, which are coming in February... I sat there in disbelief that it's already almost time for them again.

It's been four years since the Winter 2010 Olympics... such a long time. Four years is the time frame that people graduate from high-school and college. Nearly four years since Lily was born. Nearly four years since her tiny body was laid to rest beneath the Virginia earth... I was in my third trimester of pregnancy with Lily when the Winter Olympics were on the last time. It is such a sweet memory of sitting on the couch with my family, watching for hours. I really enjoy watching the Olympics and that is something I got to do while Lily was here. I miss her... I wish she was here to watch them with me this time around as an almost-4-year-old.

I was recently talking with my brother about how I would almost have a 4-year-old in just a few months! Time flies. I don't know why, but 4 seems like such a big number. I hardly know how to imagine her at that age. In my heart, she will always be my baby. But, she wouldn't be a baby anymore if she were here. She would be doing all that almost-4-year-old girls do... whatever that may be, I will never know.

Here is a photo of my older twin brothers and I watching the 2010 Winter Olympics... we were having fun I promise, even though we might not look like it in the photo haha.


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