Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Lily Moments"

My days are full of moments where I'm reminded of my sweet girl. She is everywhere, in everything. Each time I see something that makes me think of her, it's like a hug from Heaven, where God reminds me that she's not forgotten. And neither am I. 

Here are some recent "Lily moments"...

A couple weeks ago when I was at the pregnancy center where I volunteer, I got a large baby name book from the baby boutique to possibly give to one of our clients. I took it upstairs and randomly flipped it open. When I looked down at the page that it fell open to, there was her name... Lily. Out of all the pages and names, it went right to hers! I love the definition it has listed too: Resembling the flower; one who is innocent and beautiful. She is exactly that. Innocent and beautiful... forever.

Lily was born on March 16th (3:16) so whenever I see those numbers together, it makes me think of her. I have been seeing gas prices at $3.16 so much lately. I love even small things like this that make me think of her, even if nobody else knows. I got a photo of the gas station in Crozet (my hometown and where Lily is buried) to capture the 3.16. It is so special that Lily's birthday is like John 3:16 - the very heart of the Gospel.

A friend of mine is a Grace Adele representative. Recently, there was an AMAZING sale going on, I needed a new purse, and wanted to support my friend, so I figured I'd see if I liked any of their available bags. I found a bag that is similar to one that I used to have that got really worn out from using it over time. And what do ya know, it's called "Lily." I didn't want to get the bag simply because it's called that, but it's so neat that it just so happens to be the bag I wanted! Same purple color and everything that I hoped for. I got my bag this week and really like it. It has a beautiful interior with flowers on it. :)

My mom and I went to Dunkin Donuts this week to meet a couple of our friends for coffee. DD now has red-velvet lattes and donuts. If you've read my blog for a while, you know that red-velvet is Lily's special thing. She had a Valentine's-themed baby shower in February 2010 and the cake was red-velvet, so it's a small way I can honor and remember her on her birthday and other special dates. I really enjoyed my red velvet latte this week. :)

A while back (can't remember exactly when), I was driving on a country road in Virginia when I came across this sign that I just had to get a picture of... Lily Lane. The property and sign is so beautiful. I have always thought how neat it would be to live on 316 Lily Lane one day in the future.

Those are just a few of the "Lily moments" that have made my heart smile lately.


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  1. Those moments are so special aren't they? I often run across names/significant memory triggers for my friends babies too... I really should start snapping pictures and sending them along except- don't laugh too hard- I'm such an old fogey that I REFUSE to get a smartphone! My teenagers are about fed up with me but I think that's what they're for right? Except that I don't let them have phones.... hmmmm.... gotta start carrying a camera. There are lots of lilies and roses around here and I think of you. :)

    Merry Christmas!


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