Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Christmas Stocking for Lily

My grandmother knit me a Christmas stocking when I was a little girl. And it is so special that she is going to make Lily's Christmas stocking now. This is a way she can be Lily's great-grandmother... this is something they can share. 

I hope my grandmother lives a long time longer, but the thing is, you never know. She is 82 years old. I will forever treasure this stocking, long after my grandmother is with Jesus. It is a small way Lily can be included in the Christmas season. One day, when I hopefully have more children, I will be able to hang her stocking with theirs. 

I hope my grandmother will get to know my future children. It hurts that she should know Lily, but Lily isn't here. In a way, she does know her. She knows her legacy. She knows her through me. And my grandmother and I have a special bond and connection because she also lost a baby, my Aunt Rachel.

When I was in Virginia for Thanksgiving, we were planning on going to pick out the pattern and yarn for the stocking, but we forgot until the last day! But, I will be going back to Virginia to celebrate New Years, so my grandmother and I are definitely going to Hobby Lobby then (I love Hobby Lobby! They are an amazing store and they are Christian, so I especially like to support them!) I wish it could be ready for this Christmas season, but my grandmother said she might have it ready by Lily's 4th birthday, depending on how complicated it is. Even though I won't be able to use it until next Christmas, that is something special to look forward to seeing on her birthday.

I am thinking I want it relatively small, with Lily's name (and possibly birthday on it) and maybe pink, white, and red for the colors (Christmasy colors, yet still girly, and sort of like Valentine's which reminds me of Lily because I had a Valentine's-themed baby shower). My grandmother also suggested to include a lamb on it, which is perfect! Lily's stone has a lamb on top and lambs symbolize innocence and purity which Lily Katherine's name means. I am really looking forward to seeing how this will come together. I want it to be just right for my girl, something I treasure forever.

This means so much to me since my grandmother was here when Lily was. She made my stocking and now she's making my girls'...


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  1. What a great idea! I made two needle-point stockings from scratch for my two rainbows. I am looking at them now, hanging from the mantel. Hung my first rainbow's (Collins) 36 years ago & Taylor's (second rainbow) 33 years ago. I wish I had made something for James Collins, Jr. and Reita Gale back then. GLAD your grandmother is doing this for you!!!!! She is one special woman!


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