Monday, December 9, 2013

Sharing Lily's Stone With My Cousins

A couple weeks ago when I was in Virginia for Thanksgiving, I got to share Lily's stone with my cousins Daniel and Anna (they are brother and sister). They met me at the cemetery early one morning so they could see Lily's stone for the first time. They both live out of town, so they weren't able to make the stone placement ceremony. It was so special to have them both there with me at once.

It blesses me to be able to talk about Lily with others and share her beautiful stone. Her legacy still lives. It makes my heart smile for other people to care about Lily and want to talk about her.

Daniel and I grew up very close. We are only four months apart in age. His son, Owen, was born just three months before Lily. A boy and girl cousins, going to be best buddies just like we were... almost the same age apart! I sure wish we could see them together...

Anyways, I loved hearing their thoughts about Lily's stone. They both really liked it. Anna told me she didn't really know what to expect it to be like, but she said when she saw it, it was a nice surprise. She said it's so unique compared to any stone she's ever seen. Most everyone I ask says their favorite part of her stone is either the rose and lily or the lamb... I love both. :)


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