Monday, August 18, 2014

It Sure Feels Good to Finally Share It

Over the last couple weeks, I've had the blessing of sharing Lily Katherine's pregnancy scrapbook with quite a few people, both friends and family (Kala, Grace, Sharon, Bumma, Anna, Nana, and Patricia). It will be shared many more times with many more people in the coming days.

One of the people I was most excited to share it with is my grandmother "Bumma." I took my time, going over every detail of every page.

This is how I mother Lily, this is how I share her with others. This is how her story will continue being told through the generations.

I told Bumma what a gift it is to me for people to want to hear about Lily and to want to see her scrapbook. That speaks more love to me than I can describe. Sharing her heals my heart. Having others genuinely want to talk about her and hear about her is a huge blessing. Thank you to those who care.

After putting more hours than I can count into working on this scrapbook and more love than can be measured, it sure feels good to finally share it.


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