Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Repurposing Lily's Crib

I still have Lily's crib that was obviously never used by her and will never be used by another baby because it's just one of *her* special things. There are certain things that were meant for her that I would like to share with her future siblings (just like if she were here, her things would be passed down). However, there are some things that were hers.

For a while, I was thinking of donating the crib to a local pregnancy center, but decided against that. Right now, the crib is sitting in storage and I just can't bring myself to give it to some place like GoodWill where somebody who doesn't know Lily's story will buy it.

I am pretty sure some people wouldn't "get" why I'm still hanging on to the crib. I am not sure why I've held onto it so long either, other than it just seems too sad to get rid of it. I'd rather know it's in storage.

Anyways, now I am really glad I kept it after seeing a story that has gone viral about a caring man who turned a woman's son's crib (who was stillborn) into a bench. He surprised her with this gift after buying the crib at a yard sale. When his wife found out the crib was for her baby that had passed away, they knew they had to give it back to her.

After seeing this story, it gave me the idea to have Lily's crib repurposed and turned into a bench. It would be nice to have her crib actually be functional and not just taking up storage space. And how sweet it would be to have this bench be in the nursery of my future child. I will try to figure out how to go about doing this.

Here's the repurposed crib the man gave back to this grieving mother

Here's the news story about the repurposed crib.


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  1. I have some contacts for some AMAZING furniture craftsmen in our area that repurpose with beautiful style. Look up "The Splendid Shanty" on Facebook. Her name is Julie and she brings her pieces to the gift shop I work in. "My Friend Kate" also on FB.... I cannot imagine a more perfect person to touch your sweet Lily's things. Truly, you will love her heart. Tell her you got her name from the Saturday girl at Kate's. She is reasonably priced as well. (((hugs))) What a beautiful idea!


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