Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My 7th Mother's Day

This year was my 7th Mother's Day as a mother, though honestly most probably wouldn't see me as one for all those years. I see it as my responsibility to explain why I was a mother all those years ago, because in doing so, I bring recognition to the existence of my child as well as to countless other mothers and children. 

On Mother's Day in 2009, I would have still been carrying my first child, whom I have named Luke Shiloh. I would have been around halfway through my pregnancy. Instead, his heart beat within me for just a few short weeks. He was so tiny, hidden from all eyes, and I couldn't even feel him yet when he flew to Heaven. 

In all honesty, the short flicker of his heart beat could have forever remained a secret kept from most everyone. It would have remained less complicated that way and would have kept the world from seeing what a wretched sinner I was. 

However, I am compelled to tell the world about the sweet heart, the first that will ever have beaten inside my womb, the heart that beat with a purpose, even when it appeared it was thwarted by the choice I made out of fear and selfishness. 

His brief existence gave me the title of mother, even when I didn't want it yet. No child, not Lily or any future baby, will ever be able to take that place of being the first heart to beat in my body besides my own. Luke Shiloh will always be my first child and I believe with my entire being that I will hold him and know him one day, on the same day I'll hold his little sister, Lily, and meet the Jesus who made a way for us all to be together again, where we will no longer remember the pain or darkness of this Earth, but will spend all Eternity worshipping at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

Though the enemy of my soul meant to thwart the purposes of God for both my child and my life and future, God in His graciousness didn't allow that to happen. No, He uses even our deepest sin and darkness to bring light to this world. He is our Rescuer and has a plan to redeem our souls and our lives for our good and His glory. 

Even though Luke's heart ceased to beat within me so early and it might appear his life had no meaning, I know that it does. Because of Luke, I chose LIFE for Lily. Because of them both, I now travel around the country sharing about the sanctity of each irreplaceable precious life. I believe that the short time that Luke's heart beat will be used by God to allow the hearts of other children's hearts to beat much longer, meaning their mothers will choose life for them. 

I grieve not having more with Luke, not knowing with certainty his gender, face, or personality. Who would he be today? Yes, I will always regret my choice and can be sad with such thoughts, but I am so thankful for the story God is writing, and I am thankful that He has put His love within me for both my babies. 

I am thankful for Luke Shiloh, the first child of my heart and womb, and Lily Katherine, my first-born. Thank you both for making me a mother who gets the honor of that title. What a blessing to be chosen by God to be your forever mommy! 

Thank you to my dear friends and family who remember and recognize not only Lily, but Luke as well. I hope that in sharing my story others will see that once a heart beats within, you will never again *not* be a mother. Embrace the gift of motherhood! 


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