Saturday, May 30, 2015

Share a Coke

Coca-Cola has bottles that say "Share a Coke with" and then a random name listed (there are many name possibilities).

A few weeks ago, I thought how special it would be to find one with Lily's name, but knew that could be challenging with all the names out there.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was at the grocery store when I saw a bin of Coke bottles and thought I'd at least check to see if I could find Lily. I had a feeling (and prayed) that I would. After looking at a few, I found my girl's name (only thing is they spelled it wrong lol). I was so excited to find it and then glanced down and what do ya know, there was Luke's name too! Out of all the names those bottles could have had on them, there were both my L's waiting for me to find.

This of course is something small and may seem silly to others, but those who've lost children know how much is in a name and how much we treasure our children's names. They are proof of their existence and one of the only things we could give them as mothers here on Earth. I believe God even cares about giving us small gifts like this that mean something to us, even when nobody else would care or understand.

And to all my dear friends who've lost a child, know I think of them and you each time I see or hear their name or something you associate with them.


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