Friday, May 1, 2015

The Life Ballet

I want to share a beautiful ministry and an opportunity to memorialize sweet babies in Heaven.

Here is what The Life Ballet is about, as stated on the website:

"Through film, music, and live productions, The Life Ballet works to share the message of children's rights and healthcare, as well as healing and forgiveness in the wake of choice. Our largest project to date has been creating a film adaptation of The Life Ballet called "Arise Sweet Sarah." The film will be released in September 2015. "Arise Sweet Sarah" also shares a message of the value and importance of all human life, as well as a message of healing, forgiveness and grace in the midst of unthinkable grief in the wake of lost motherhood. It is based on the testimony of Sandy Arena and the uncountable experience of others who have suffered. The story is told through a powerful combination of narration, acting, original score and a combination of modern dance and ballet. Filming took place in Rochester, NY during the summer of 2014."... "Arise Sweet Sarah" is about "One woman's journey of choices and rise to healing in the arms of her King. It's a film about grief. It's a miracle when we find the strength and courage to rise. We choose to arise."

Photo from The Life Ballet Facebook page

I am so excited about this and am greatly anticipating the release. It is a needed message of how "choice" hurts everyone involved and the healing available through Christ. It might be a film about post-abortion regret and healing, but even more than that, it is a celebration of LIFE and the sanctity of each individual life. Sandy Arena has opened up film dedications (follow this link to see the dedications page... be sure to scroll down to see Luke Shiloh and Lily Katherine's names!) to the public, for anyone wanting to honor a child lost to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, as well as those who passed shortly after birth and those who were placed for adoption. The memorial section will run during the film credits. Sandy told me that one of the memorial songs in the ballet is called "Still," written by a grandparent for their precious grandchild who was stillborn.

On the website, it says, "We dedicate our film "Arise Sweet Sarah" to all the children who never had the chance to dance. To add your dedication to our film credits, please send your child's first and/or first and last name to Our goal is to have at least 1000 named babies, the tiniest fraction of the 56 million who have died since abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973."

Photo from The Life Ballet Facebook page

I am so touched to be able to honor both my precious babies in this film. It does my heart good to see their names, saying they existed here on Earth. It's going to be incredibly special to see their names on the DVD when it releases!

To find out much more about this amazing project, be sure to visit the website HERE.

To pre-order the DVD, Soundtrack, a t-shirt, and/or memorial bracelet click HERE.

And be sure to keep up with the project and ministry on the Facebook page HERE.

Here is the official trailer!


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