Thursday, June 11, 2015

Knit Together in Christ

I feel comforted by my deep love for Lily... it's a love that reaches beyond the grave, a love unexplainable, a love unconditional upon her physical presence, a love that grows with each passing day.

As time goes on, I become more secure in what I share with her, a love that never needed any words or even eyes to meet. It's a love that could only have been placed within me by the very Author of life and love.

My spirit feels connected to her and I am comforted by feeling her near. We are forever knit together in Christ. And the spiritual realm where she lives is even more real than this physical one where I temporarily dwell. When I abide in Christ, I know my little flower is with Him, therefore she is not far away. I know we will be together again.

I am afraid of Lily one day being forgotten about and not spoken of anymore after I'm gone from this world. I want her legacy to live on. I wonder if I were to get dementia in my old age, would I forget her? I believe my connection with her is in the deepest fiber of my heart and being, so even if I "forget," I'll never really forget.

The desire for Lily's legacy to live on after me is something I must surrender to The Lord. What He chooses to do with her story has always been and will always be in His hands. And besides, by that point, I'll already be with Lily, dancing before The Lord and it won't matter to me anymore anyways.


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