Wednesday, June 3, 2015

She's Not Missing Anything

My little girl will never look into her mommy's eyes or grow up and get married and have babies of her own... and everything that comes between those life moments.

I'm sad for her that she won't know the joys life holds. But ultimately, when I *really* think about it, I can't be sad for her, but am really only sad for me missing those things with her. Because Lily is not missing out on anything. She only and will ever only know the perfection of Heaven, my love, and the love of Jesus.

A new blog follower wrote me an email a couple weeks ago. This is part of what she said: "Your Lily is blessed to have a mother with such strength for her remembrance of the life that she carried and brought into this world. You are the vessel of a miracle, and for all of Lily's life you were her safe haven, a supplier of warmth and gratitude, a cave of perfection. That is all your little Lily will know of this world... Throughout all the chaos, sadness, anger, and sin, you somehow managed to keep Lily away from all that. You gave Lily a life people can only dream about. You gave Lily a life and a voice."

What comforting words. She's right... Lily had everything any parent could ever want for their child, only love, without any sorrow or sin. My womb protected her. And now she is protected by the One who created her, waiting to be embraced by me one day.


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  1. Dear Sister, I have been praying for you. Are you doing alright? Is your trust firmly in God? I pray it is! My Leah and your Lily are very special to us, and I know that we are happy that they are with the Lord. Jesus comfort us!


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