Saturday, June 27, 2015

Her Forever Daddy

Here are Lily's precious hands with her daddy's hand.

She looked just like me, but she had his big hands and feet. I'm so thankful to have this photo, of course because it's her hands, but also because she shared that with him. And he will always be her daddy, even though we aren't together now. We will always share her. 

I couldn't help but think of him on Father's Day Sunday. I wonder if anyone else acknowledged him on that day. I wonder if it's a hard day for him. 

I wish our little girl were here to spend special days with us.

Here are photos of the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Lily's spot on Father's Day.

A lovely sunset.

We took Lily some lilies in honor of her daddy for Father's Day. We are housesitting for some friends and they have over 400 lilies at their home! My mom selected a variety of colors. She even thought of Lily's father on Father's Day.

He gave her the name "Ball." I will honor him as her father.

This random little drawing is something Lily Kat's daddy sketched when I was carrying her. It's now in her scrapbook. A picture of what might have been. The "what ifs" are hard to live with and something I must surrender to the Lord every day.


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