Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another Birthday Gift

Another March is behind me. Honestly it's a relief in many ways and I feel the weight of what March brings lifted.

On the last day of Lily's month, I received one last gift in honor of her. My thoughtful Aunt Helen sent me a few things that had Lily written all over them. It makes me smile when people know what the things are that I associate with her and that those things make others think of her as well.

She sent a sweet little lamb that I'll probably take to Lily's spot, a "Birth Verse" card, with March 16 and John 3:16 on it, some stickers (including butterflies and flowers), and a card.

The card has 6 lambs and balloons for her 6th birthday.

This is what the inside of the "Birth Verse" card says.


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