Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Her Adorable Feet

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" asked people to share their baby's feet on a post on their Facebook page yesterday. So I put together this little collage of Lily's adorable feet. I love when I get to share her with others.

It's a picture of her little foot, her foot impression, footprints, and photo of her feet in my favorite brown shoes and "going Home to Jesus" outfit, that was meant to be her coming home from the hospital outfit. Are they not the most darling feet?

I wish I had high-quality pictures of her feet, but I am certainly thankful for what I do have. On that note, here is a picture of her feet that I have never shared before. It's blurry and is hard to look at because it shows the sad reality of infant death. But it's the only photo with both her little feet (without shoes) and I long to share something new. So here it is.


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