Thursday, April 21, 2016

Meeting Her

I wish I could have looked into Lily's lovely blue eyes and met her before saying "see you soon, my love." I know that sentiment is nothing new... However, I was recently comforted by the thought that I *did* meet her....

I met her during each of the 5 ultrasounds I was blessed to have. I met her as she danced wildly for us on the screen at the 3D/4D ultrasound, when I was just shy of 18 weeks and was told she was a girl, though I knew in my heart she was all along. I got to know her with seeing her unique personality sweetly on display as she was spunky and precious, appearing to look directly at us and showing off.

I got to know her with each gentle movement and hard kick or punch with her big hands and feet.

With each day her body grew within mine, my love grew too. My soul was well acquainted with her soul. How could it not have been? Her heart beat for the first and last time within me. I knew her and she knew me.

I did meet her.

(look closely and you'll see Lily's dear little head and face, arms and hands up by her face, and that precious foot towards the bottom left!)


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