Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Tea Party and Lily Garden

This past Saturday was a truly special day. I was asked by my wonderful Bible study leader, Terri, if I would share my testimony at a ladies tea party. I of course am honored each and every time someone wants to hear my story, so I emphatically said I would.

Here are about half of the ladies who were there. We unfortunately thought to take a group picture when many of the ladies had already left. Several of the ladies were from my Bible study and several were from Terri's church.

It was neat that my "Aunt G" was able to come to the tea party. She had never heard me speak in person before. She is an honorary aunt, having been friends with my mom since college. She makes me laugh a lot and I consider her one of my dear friends. I always love having her visit from Maryland. When she was leaving, she said "you make us laugh and you make us cry." Haha

The tea party was held at a charming Bed & Breakfast in a nearby town. The weather on Saturday was unseasonably beautiful for this time of year in North Carolina. The breezes were refreshingly delightful sitting on that front porch.

The beverage area.

Lilies were part of the centerpieces. :)

Yummy snacks.

The tea party and the fellowship with other ladies was wonderful in and of itself. The cherry on top was having the opportunity to share my story! I was blessed that it was well-received and I enjoyed talking with some of the ladies afterwards. At the end of my sharing, I played Lily's song <--- email subscribers, click to listen. Everyone who hears it is always deeply moved by it. I was told it's the perfect way to end. I couldn't agree more.

That big front porch is amazing!

After I shared about my sweet girl, my mom and I visited a local Daylily Farm that our friend Shelby told us about. It's not far from where the tea party was held. I thought it was the perfect time to go, when my own little Lily was heavy on my heart.

In a field of lilies... the perfect place for this Rose to be. :)

All the different colors of lilies are gorgeous!


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