Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

On a day that I miss the one who made me a mother, I am incredibly thankful and know I am blessed to spend the day with my own mother. I am thankful I can call my grandmother and hear her voice. I am thankful to God for giving me the gift of motherhood and that I can ask Him to hug my sweet girl, give her a kiss, and tell her I'll see her soon.

Here are some pictures of my dear mother and I through the years...

When I came home from the hospital

At one of my favorite places, the BEACH!

Look at that smirk ;)

A recent photo

Here are my Bumma and I last summer. :)

My Mother's Day turned out to be a special day. The days leading up to it were harder than the actual day. I really purposefully tried to focus on being thankful, and hopeful for the future chapters of my motherhood journey. I got some sweet messages and texts, a card, some flowers, a necklace, and we went out for a nice meal at Ruby Tuesday. It was a better Mother's Day than I've had in years past, mostly because I decided it would be.

Here are the Mother's Day lilies that my thoughtful brother, Joseph, and sister-in-law, Kala, brought me. :'-)

Here is the card I got in the mail the day before Mother's Day, which really brightened my weekend. It's from my Aunt Helen. It touched my heart to know she thought of me and my babies and that she went to look for a specific card for me. And I am so happy to know that cards like this exist for the "nontraditional mothers." If you are looking for a card like this for someone in your life, know that they are out there if you look for them.

My mom got me this simple pearl necklace for Mother's Day/a graduation gift. I selected it at a charming little store in downtown Lynchburg. Pearls symbolize purity, which reminds me of Lily. It is so dainty and I love it. :)

My friend Ellen sent me this picture for Mother's Day.

My friend Sandra sent me this.

My friend Chlo√© sent me this picture and wrote, "I was at an appointment recently and there was a bunch of flowers at the reception desk that reminded me of your baby girl. :) Happy Mother's Day!"

Click HERE to read a poem I wrote for Mother's Day.


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