Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Free Photo Editing for Stillborn Babies

I recently had the honor of editing the photos of a precious baby who was born prematurely, at around half-way through pregnancy, and passed away. The parents discovered that their baby was in fact a girl, after originally thinking she was a boy and getting pictures in a blue outfit.

With my Lightroom photo editing program, I was able to change the coloring of the outfit to look pink and purple. It was incredibly meaningful to me to be entrusted with their cherished photos of their precious daughter. And it was deeply touching to me to see how happy they were with their edited photos.

I know how significant these pictures of our babies that we don't get to raise on Earth are. That is why I want to offer my help with anyone who has pictures of their baby in Heaven that they want edited... whether you simply want a copy in black and white, want the discoloration in your baby's skin to be lightened up and smoothed out, want their name, birthdate, or a special phrase added in a loopy and elegant font... basically whatever you want done and I am able to do, I would be happy to help you with. Your photos would be completely safe with me and I would never share them with anyone else. Also, just to clarify, I can edit photos of all babies, no matter what gestation they were lost. I want to help your photos look their best so you feel comfortable sharing them with others.

Feel free to email me at roseandherlily [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here is an example of a picture of Lily before and after editing (someone else edited this photo for me a few years ago, but I am just using it as an example.):

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