Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Visit to Lily's Spot

Some friends of mine who are in my local ladies Bible study, Shelby and Stephanie, were in my hometown in Virginia on Memorial Day. They got a personal tour from my grandmother, who has lived there all 84 years of her life. My mom said she's the best tour guide Crozet has to offer haha.

They ate at a restaurant where I used to work, stopped at the thrift store that my grandmother helped start over 30 years ago, and saw some of my other favorite places.

They also visited Lily's spot, which makes me so happy they got to see her stone in person, which is very different than just seeing photos of it. I only wish I could have been there too. Maybe one day they'll go again and I'll be there.

Here are some pictures at Lily's spot. Look how fashionable Bumma looks. ;)


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