Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Then and Now

All the cute kids dressed in their adorable costumes makes me wonder what Lily would have wanted to dress up as... What would her interests be? What would she like?

If Lily were here, I definitely think she'd be a crazy cat kid, like her mommy was/still is. I'd totally have dressed her up like this. 😘😂🐱

Anyways, I do have special memories from this day when Lily was here. We were staying in Crozet, Virginia (my hometown) at the Bed & Breakfast where we used to house and dog-sit. Wow, what an incredible blessing from the Lord that was for many years. It was another adventure from Lily's life. I wanted to have a "Harvest Party" and posted about it on Facebook.

I had wanted to go all out dressing up as a pumpkin, but only ended up wearing an orange shirt. I said because of my round belly and the orange, I was still dressed as a pumpkin. What a sweet and funny memory. 

Here's a picture of me on that night. 

Here is my sister Emma and her friend Naomi that night, dressed up as the cutest bumblebee ever and a cowgirl.

Here's another picture of me in the orange shirt. This was later on in my pregnancy, when my belly had gotten bigger. It's obviously not a great photo with the quality, where I'm posing, and the phone in front of my face, but I'm thankful for every random inclination I had while pregnant to take photos of my growing belly. I immensely treasure those photos now. I obviously didn't wear the shirt out of the house when it got too short like this and was just hanging out at home.

I've kept all my maternity clothes because they remind me of Lily. I hope to wear them again one day if I have another baby. I like to wear them occasionally now. I wore that same orange shirt yesterday. Here is a photo of my niece Harvest and I (who would have ever thought when I was posting about my "Harvest Party" that I'd have a niece named Harvest just a few years later). I'm wearing my Lily ultrasound necklace and it was so sweet that Harvest kept playing with it while I was holding her. She made the cutest 1-Up Mushroom from Mario Kart (her mommy was Luigi and her daddy was Mario). ;)


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