Monday, August 28, 2017

Her Life Tangibly Felt

Lily Katherine's new life in the womb was a symbol and reflection of the new life the Lord was cultivating within me.

How I miss those months when the presence of her new life was tangible and felt. With Fall approaching, I am reminded of the time spent with her.

From a poem I wrote for her: "As my belly grew throughout those months, so my darling did my love for you."

My heart stretched and grew in its capacity to love and embrace my daughter's life and God's plan for my life while my belly stretched and grew in its capacity to nurture life.

In the years since she left this world for her forever Home, my love has only proven to deepen with time. And the new life Jesus breathes on her legacy now mirrors the life He continues to bring me and many others because of her. 💕 #sacredpregnancy #sweetbabykicks #missingmygirl #Lilybelly


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