Monday, August 7, 2017

Mommy and Baby Shell 🐚

My good friend Amanda wrote Lily's name in the sand at Shackleford Banks, North Carolina on her family vacation! 😄 This friend has ALWAYS been sooo kind, loving, and thoughtful when it comes to Lily, and as a friend in general.

Amanda said she was looking on the beach for a seashell to add to her name for the photo when she came across this one (which she'll be bringing home to me). As she phrased it, they are "matching shells that are connected."

It brings me tears to see this shell, to witness Amanda's thoughtfulness and to marvel at how God does things like this and speaks my love language.

It's a mommy and baby shell, 😌  connected and inseparable. Just like Lily and I were connected and inseparable her entire life on earth and now even still as she is in Heaven. Apart, yet always connected. As only mother and daughter can be.

This amazing shell reminds me of the shell I found on the beach on Lily's 7th birthday🐚 💗 🌊 ⚓️ ☀️ 🌴 🐳 🐬 🐟 🐠 🐢


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