Monday, January 16, 2012

Everything Pretty giveaway winner

Back in December, I entered a giveaway on the Grief Journeys facebook page, which they were hosting in celebration of reaching 500 fans. I hadn't been on facebook much lately and just randomly saw the giveaway. I entered it in the last few minutes I could. I don't really win things like this so expected nothing from it.

Then I found out I WON! :)

What did I win? A personalized seashell from Everything Pretty! I was able to choose if I wanted a small, medium, or large shell and what I wanted written on it. I received a high resolution image of the seashell and am getting it shipped to me in the mail! It's not anything too grand or anything, but it's still fun to win and get something in honor of Lily Katherine to add to her memory chest. :)


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