Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roses and Lilies

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I came across the January/February 2012 issue of Victoria magazine. After just thumbing through it a bit looking at the pictures, we were suddenly drawn in by the beautiful work of Caroline Reehl Ceramics. Reading the description of her work, I saw that she lives in the same area I do (how neat is that?). As I continued reading, I saw that she likes to use roses and lilies in her art. I knew right then I had to contact her somehow and share my story with her. I had to share with her the significance of these two flowers in my life. How my blog is named after these two flowers. How my little girl is my precious flower, my Lily.

This is what she says about using roses and lilies in her work:

"Southern women epitomize hospitality, cultivation of splendor, and are as luxuriant as the rich traditions that surround them. I use roses and lilies among my work as a metaphor for these women. The stages of the flowers on each piece are at the peak of the bloom and represent internal strength and external beauty. Many of the colors that I choose for my pieces are subtle, giving each petal room to shine."

I emailed Caroline last week and told her a little bit about my story, how special roses and lilies are to me and I gave her my blog address. I also asked if she'd mind if I shared about her lovely art on this little blog of mine.

She wrote back:

Hannah Rose,

This email was so amazing to get!! Your story is beyond words, God definitely has big plans for you! I don't have a store yet in Raleigh but am working on it, I just moved here about a week ago. I would be beyond honored to be on your blog.

Bless you and please stay in touch
Go buy the issue of Victoria so you can see Caroline in there for yourself. You should pop on by her facebook page and become a fan! Also, show some love by stopping by her blog...become a follower and maybe leave a comment or two. :)

Once her shop is up and running here in Raleigh, I am going to go meet her and admire her work. ;) I am hoping and planning to get a beautiful piece of art, in honor and memory of Lily Katherine, made one day by Caroline. 



  1. Oh, Hannah, that's so special! Her work is gorgeous - that will be a treasure for you if you ever have the chance to meet her and own one of her beautiful pieces in memory of Lily.
    Blessings and love,

  2. A piece of her work would be wonderful for you to have!


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