Monday, January 23, 2012

To Write Their Names In The Sand

I now have Lily's and Luke's names written at To Write Their Names In The Sand. Carly Marie writes baby's and children's names in the sand under gorgeous sunsets on a beautiful beach called Mullaloo Point in Western Australia, near Perth. It's a way to honor and remember children in Heaven. You can get your child's name written and a tribute post for free. But, you can also purchase the high-resolution images to help continue all the work Carly Marie does. I am getting both my images and printing them on canvas to hang on my wall. Carly Marie has literally written thousands of names. I am so thankful for these beautiful pictures. They are so different, yet both so lovely. :)



  1. I treasure Cora's name. I have multiple copies of it printed out here and there. Getting it printed on a canvas is a beautiful idea.

    As for missing her so much still...yes, it's okay. You miss her because you love her. You'll never stop loving her, so you'll never stop missing her. My mother and grandmother both had stillbirths, and my grandmother has told me how much she still misses her little guy, nearly 60 years later. It gets easier to bear over the years, but you'll never be "over it." You don't get over this kind of thing.



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