Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Brick Paver

For Mother's Day, my mom got me a very special Mother's Day gift. It is the brick paver I've been wanting to get in honor of Lily for a long time, at the National Memorial for the Unborn. Back in January, I ordered my plaque for Luke Shiloh. Now I finally have ordered the brick too.

Here is what the brick paver will say:

Lily Katherine
March 16, 2010
Forever Pure

Her name, birthday and the perfect meaning of her name.

Last spring, my brother and I took a lovely trip to Tennessee to visit our friends Amanda and Jonathan (and kiddos) and the Lord worked out the details for us to make our first trip to NMU on Mother's Day! What a sweet gift it was. Now, I am hoping to take another trip sometime this year, so I can place both the plaque and brick myself. I'm thinking the fall time would be GORGEOUS, both the weather and the trees. Like October...what do you think, Amanda? ;-) I am really looking forward to having the memorial service for Luke and just a sacred time of honoring both my children. It means so much to me to have one place to remember them and honor them at the same time.

If you've had an abortion, I highly recommend looking into getting a plaque on the "Wall of Names" at the memorial. If you've had a miscarriage or stillborn baby, the garden with brick pavers in honor of these babies is such a special place to honor them! Go to the website for more information about the memorial and garden and see the amazing history behind it.

On another note, the funeral home that we used for Lily's burial supplies a temporary marker. My grandmother just called there this week and now they are going to get it made and placed soon! I am hoping it will be ready by this summer for when I go up to visit Virginia. I know it's not as nice (or big) as a real headstone, but I am thankful for at least something there with her name that says it's her spot and so people know where to bring flowers etc. It is actually quite nice. I will definitely post pictures when I finally get up there to see it. Any ideas on what I could take to her spot this summer?



  1. Such a beautiful way to remember your babies..

  2. A neat way to remember your daughter!

  3. What a lovely way to remember your precious little one... thinking of you both xoxo

  4. I love the idea of the wall, I will have to go when I go home to Tenn. How very sweet of your mom :)

  5. Sounds good to me! I would looove to go again. I want to go just the two of us this time. It will be easier since we live so close. It's literally like a 30 minute drive from our house. :)

  6. oh I'm so glad you'll be getting a temporary marker for Lily soon!


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