Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nothing too small for His love

Corrie Ten Boom is one of my spiritual heroes. I find that so many of her stories, I carry around with me and recall them throughout my days and in different circumstances of life. Here is a story from Corrie's message, Effectual Fervent Prayer. She talks about how nothing is too small for God's love:

I learned that in the difficult class of life’s school when I was a prisoner. When you are in a difficult class, then you learn much, especially when the teacher is good, and my teacher was the Holy Spirit. And He taught me so much. And one of the things was about there’s nothing too small for God’s love. I was a few days in the concentration camp, and I said to my sister, “Betsy, I’ve caught a cold and I have no handkerchief. What must I do?” Betsy said, “Pray.” I did the same like you. I laughed. But she didn’t laugh. She folded her hands and said, “Father, in Jesus name I pray that you will give Corrie a handkerchief. She has caught a cold. Amen.” And she had hardly said “Amen” when I heard that they called out my name and there stood a friend of mine, a fellow prisoner, who worked in the hospital. I said, “You’ve come, Tomika. You visit me.” And she said, “No, no, I have no time. I just come to bring you a little present.” And she gave me a very small package, and I opened it and it was a handkerchief. I said, “How in the world did you know that I needed a handkerchief?” She said, “I found an old sheet, and I was sewing handkerchiefs from that old sheet, and when I was busy there was a voice in my heart who said, ‘Bring a handkerchief to Corrie Ten Boom.’” Can you understand what a handkerchief tells you in such a moment? That there is a Father in Heaven who hears it when on a very small planet, the earth, some one of His children prays for impossible small things, for a hankie, and that Father in Heaven tells one of His other children, “Give a handkerchief to Corrie Ten Boom.” That is the foolishness of God. But the foolishness of God is the greatest wisdom. And I learned so much by that handkerchief. 

Just imagine when your little child or grandchild cries because an old doll is broken. And she brings that doll to her daddy. She says, “Oh Daddy, my doll is broken.” What does Daddy say? “Oh girl, put it away. That doll is not worth a dime.” No, Daddy doesn’t say that. He says, “That’s too bad. Come here, come to Daddy. I will try to mend it.” And that grown up man tries to repair that old doll. How in the world, can a grown up man give so much time to such a valueless thing as a broken doll? Because he sees it through the eyes of the little one. Because he loves the little one. And so God sees your problems through your eyes because He loves you. ~Corrie Ten Boom

"There’s nothing too great for God’s power. There’s nothing too small for His love." ~Corrie Ten Boom

Oh Jesus, may we trust that You care about the smallest details of our lives! May we learn so much by that handkerchief. And may You show us in our own lives Your great love.

Here is a small reminder in my life that nothing is too small for my God's love:

Lily is layed to rest in my hometown of Crozet, Virginia. I live in North Carolina though, so I don't get to go up there often. I don't get to take flowers and things to her grave much, so it means a lot to me when others think to do so. I haven't been able to afford a headstone for Lily, which really bothers me. So, even when people go to visit Lily's spot, they can't find her. The only thing there was a windchime. My dear friend, Elise, took her a birthday balloon and flowers on her special day. It is really important to me to get Lily a permanent headstone. Maybe this doesn't mean much to others, but it does to me. You see, Lily is my only child. She is the only one I can do anything for on earth. I don't have other children to care for. And it feels like it will be honoring her when I can get her a headstone. Permanent engraved words that say, she was real. She was here. She had weight in this world. So, people can go visit her and easily find where she is because her name is clearly marked, for all to see. I really have no idea when I will be able to get a headstone for Lily.

The reason I am sharing all this is because Jesus cares about the smallest matters in our lives. He knows how important it is for me to have something there, as a special marking for Lily. Around Lily's birthday, my Aunt Nana took a beautiful angel statue to Lily's grave. I haven't been able to see it in person yet, but I can't wait to! It feels like something special, just for her. Now, I can tell people to look for the beautiful angel statue. This means so much to me to have something there until I can get a permanent marker. Isn't it amazing that my Jesus would lay that on her heart, when she had no idea how much that would mean to me. I want to plant some flowers around her spot once the headstone is in. I know that my Jesus cares about a headstone for Lily because I do. I am His daughter, and just as a father mends the broken doll of his daughter, how much more does our Heavenly Father care for us!

Not very good picture quality, but here is the statue.

I see that my God cares about the small things in our lives, in my life. And I know that one day, I will have a headstone for Lily. I am praying that He will provide that for me, just as He provided a handkerchief for Corrie.

The entrance to the cemetery where Lily is buried. It's called Hillsboro Cemetery, so if you live 
anywhere near Crozet, Virginia or are passing through that area, I'd love it if you stopped by! Look for the angel statue! And pretty soon, there will be a permanent headstone there too :-)



  1. What a beautiful, profound quote. I love Corrie Ten Boom's writing. Thank you for sharing that, and your thoughts. xoxo

  2. That quote (and that message) mean so much to me! Oh, to remember always how much Jesus cares about the tiniest details as well as the larger challenges! I will join with you in asking for a headstone.

  3. So beautiful,tears filled my eyes. God is so good. He truly does care about the little things 😊 I pray you get her tombstone. God bless you.


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