Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still Standing

Today, May 5, marks the debut of the new online magazine, Still Standing! It deals with child loss and infertility. Some of my long-time blog friends are writing for it.  


Here is the mission statement from the website:

In the face of loss and infertility, our mission is to show the world that we are still standing. Holding fast to resilience and hope. Our mission is to help you embrace life for everything that it is after experiencing the loss of a child or infertility.
The focus of this magazine can be broken down into three parts:
  • encouraging women, men and even children to embrace life
  • connecting hearts around the world who have similar life experiences
  • becoming a resource for friends, family and even medical professionals, to know how to support someone enduring child loss and/ or infertility
My blog friends and "real life" friends who have also lost babies have been so dear to me on my journey of grief and healing. I am so thankful for these people and resources such as this that remind me I'm not the only one whose ever felt this way. It is okay to grieve for and miss my daughter. There was even a yahoo article written about the magazine! So proud of you ladies!

Be sure to check out the magazine and show your support today and become a fan of the facebook page! Also, add one of the pictures below found on the facebook page to your profile, share on your blog, etc. There are several colors to choose from. :-)



  1. I am really excited about the magazine!

  2. Hello!!
    I I just stumbled across this magazine. I am a momma of 3 children, 2 earthly angels and one in heaven. Seth Aaron was still born May 7, 1993. Although it's been 19 years since I last saw his face, I miss him everyday. Our son Stefen was almost 3 when we Seth was born. Our rainbow baby, Beth, was born after Seth. We chose to always incorporate Seth & honor him within our family, I am so glad we have done this! Our children will talk of him like he had truly been here with them, this year we walked in the March of Dimes walk in memory of Seth Aaron- it was a very emotional yet a very happy day to share with out family & friends who joined us! I would love to find out more about your online magazine!


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