Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heavenly Valentines

My gorgeous Valentine's Sand Hearts made by Catherine from The Sacred Seashore

I love Valentine's Day. :) I know many people say it's too commercialized and think it's a stupid holiday, but I don't care. I enjoy most all holidays and like any excuse to celebrate LIFE! I love a day that's all about love...even if not romantic love because I have no "special someone" in my life.

For a couple reasons though Valentine's Day is tough...

Three years ago, my baby shower for Lily was on February 13th. It was a Valentine's-themed shower, with hearts and pink galore! We had red-velvet cake, which is where we started the tradition of having red-velvet cake for Lily's birthday celebrations. Now, the cake and the holiday will forever remind me of my girl. It's simply bittersweet. Bitter because of how I miss her so and sweet because of the precious memory. I am very thankful for that happy and beautiful memory with her. I will always associate Valentine's Day with Lily now and will remember her baby shower around this day. I wrote a post before called Days Nobody Remembers, and the day of my shower is one of those days...those days that I will forever remember, even if nobody else does. There are days that will be etched into my heart and mind always.

Valentine's Day also falls in Luke's "Heaven Month," which makes me think of him. 

I wish my two Valentines were here with me to smother with hugs and kisses. They are my Heavenly Valentines and I blow kisses to the sky, to Heaven.

It hurts to see all the pictures of everyone's sweet Valentine's in their special pink-and-red-with-hearts outfits...and to know my two children will never wear those outfits. Or make me a valentine with hearts and "mommy" scribbled across it.

On this day of love, I will celebrate still. Celebrate the love my Jesus has for me and my babies and it's because of this great love that I will see them again. Celebrate the love I have for Lily and Luke and will have forever and for always.

They are eternally loved.

They are eternally safe with Jesus.

They are eternally mine.

Thank you Catherine from Gabriel's Garden for the two beautiful images above.

My dear friend Laura sent me the sweetest, most thoughtful and beautiful homemade card for Valentine's Day. It made my day! Thank you, my friend! It's perfect with a flower for Lily "my little flower," and a butterfly which reminds me of Luke. I love it! On the inside, she wrote a sweet message of how she is remembering Luke this month. :)

Today has been special because I got to spend some of the day with Olivia Rose, the little girl I nanny for. She is already 6 months old! It was very sweet to be with her on her first Valentine's Day. It's such a blessing being her nanny. :) Here we are in our pink and red.

There was the most gorgeous pink sunset painting the sky on this Valentine's Day evening! What a sweet gift from Jesus. :)

My Valentine's plans consist of eating a red-velvet cupcake in honor of Lily, lighting a heart-shaped candle, and eating out at Red Lobster tomorrow! It's sort of a mixed-celebration for my half-birthday (which was on the 12th), for Valentine's Day, and in remembrance of Lily's shower. What special things do you have planned? I wish you a peaceful day if you have a Valentine in Heaven and a beautiful day as well if all your Valentines are here on earth. :)

This is the very special poem my mom wrote in honor of Lily to give to me for Valentine's Day in 2011. I like to share it each year. It brings me to tears each time I read it...

By Ginny Bain Allen 
Valentine's Day 2011

In my daughter's womb, grew her gift from above.
We readied a room, for her wee one to love.

On our merry way rejoicing, to a glorious celebration.
Expecting our flower’s arriving, Jesus' tears hid the sun.

God had bid her go before we said, "Hello."

Goodbye budding life. Goodbye shattered dreams.

Goodbye precious babe lying still in our arms.

Goodbye sweet nursing and soft cries.
Goodbye to rocking and lullabies.

Goodbye wonder and curiosity.
Goodbye to kissing who you would be.

Goodbye to hearing "Dukes" and "ma-ma" too.
Goodbye to discovering wonderful you.

Goodbye snuggling you to our hearts.
Goodbye tore our lives apart.

Goodbye to our pure Lily Katherine.
Goodbye ‘til we meet you in Heaven.

Valentine's Day Heart by Carly Marie

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