Monday, April 7, 2014

My Future Wedding Day

It just breaks my heart to think of Lily not being a part of my future hoped-for wedding day. She should be "marrying" my future husband with me. He should be taking me and her together, as a packaged-deal.

But, even though Lily is not here, my future-husband, whoever and wherever he may be, will love her before he wins me.

I sometimes think about ways I would like to include Lily on my wedding day to make her absence a little less painful. Most of these ideas I will keep close to my heart until that time comes. One thing I would like to do is include Lily in the wedding day photos in some unique ways.

I saw this photo on Facebook a while back that is incredibly sweet. It's of a young woman on her wedding day visiting her father at the cemetery. He had recently passed away and wasn't able to be at his daughter's wedding. Isn't it so moving?

I dream of getting married in Virginia and want to get photos of me in my wedding dress at Lily's special spot. I want a photo of me kneeling by her beautiful stone. I want her a part of the day in the only ways she can be.

My entire life will be filled with such bittersweet moments where Lily's absence is pronounced. Missing her will never end... nor would I want it to.


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