Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lily's Handprint Necklace

In 2011, I got a custom engraved footprint heart pendant from My Forever Child. I absolutely love it! Since then, I have wanted to get a handprint charm as well. I have so many things with Lily's footprints and wanted to do something with her handprints.

I decided to get another custom engraved piece from My Forever Child. I randomly decided to sign up for the My Forever Child email updates a couple months ago. Literally like a day or two later, I got an email about a sale going on - 20% off all the custom hand and footprint jewelry! It was only going on for one weekend and I knew I wanted to take advantage of it since I have been wanting a new piece for a while and didn't know when/if a sale would happen again. I am thankful I went ahead and ordered my piece then because Sue said that's the only time the custom pieces have been reduced so much!

Anyways, the entire process is quite easy. You decide what piece of jewelry you want, what you want written on the back, etc. You fill everything in and then pay for your order. Then you either send a copy of your child's prints via email or snail mail so that Sue can create your custom piece. I sent mine through the mail. Sue then touches up the print to make it the best it can be for engraving and gets your approval to create your piece.

I got mine a few weeks ago and have been wearing it nearly every day since.

I was honored when Sue asked if she could share Lily's custom engraved handprint charm on her website and social media pages, along with a customer testimonial. This is what I wrote:

Sue, I am amazed over how perfectly you captured the finest details of my daughter Lily Katherine's delicate handprint. I wear this remembrance charm close to my heart as a way to carry my sweet girl with me. It brings me great comfort. Both your custom handprint charm and your equally exquisite custom footprint pendant, that I ordered three years ago, are among my most cherished keepsakes. Thank you for offering such beautifully engraved pieces of fine art, that never fail to elicit compliments from others wherever I go.

I highly recommend checking out My Forever Child for anyone who is interested in a custom handprint or footprint piece of jewelry. Sue also offers lots of other lovely pieces of jewelry, all for an affordable price.

Sue edited the photos of my charm for me to have. You can tell from the photo comparison how the charm looks just like her actual handprint!

I simply wanted "Lily" written on the back. :)


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