Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Together Again

My favorite band from when I was 18-20ish is called Copeland. I was really into their music from 2008-2010 (so during my pregnancy). The band broke up and had a Farewell Tour in 2010. My mom, sister, and I went to their concert on March 3rd of that year, when I was nine months pregnant! I was definitely the only pregnant girl there haha. It was really neat that we got to meet the band too. I was sad when they broke up.

Here are some pictures from that concert:

my mom, sister, and I ready for the concert

meeting the band

I just found out last night that they are getting back together to make another album! They haven't made new music in years. I remember when their last album "You Are My Sunshine" came out in the fall of 2008 and I went to buy it at Best Buy. That was just a few months before I got pregnant with Lily. Anything to do with that season of my life takes me right back. So many bittersweet memories. Copeland will now always remind me of that time, my pregnancy, and Lily. I went to their concert less than two weeks before Lily was born.

I am looking forward to their new album coming out this October. I still enjoy their music, but it sort of makes me sad now thinking of her. I can't explain why my mind thinks the way it does or why certain things make me feel as they do. I am thankful for the memories with her that I have and the things that make me think of her.

Click HERE to watch the video about Copeland's new album coming out (along with a new song!) And click HERE to listen to a bunch of Copeland tunes on YouTube.


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