Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Josie Duggar Turns 5

I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed today, when I came across this.

Ah yes, Josie Duggar turns 5 today. Seeing this made my heart sink a little. You see, Josie was due on March 18th, 2010, and Lily was due on March 14th, 2010, and was born on March 16th, 2010. I remember when I was pregnant with Lily and finding out that Michelle was pregnant with Josie and thinking it was special they were due just days apart.

And then of course little Josie was born over three months prematurely, spending time in the NICU.

While this tiny girl was fighting for her life, my Lily grew big and strong in the safest place on Earth, in her mother's womb. 

But Josie survived to see her 5th birthday. And Lily did not... even though she was in the best place I thought she could be. I sometimes think if Lily had just been born a few days earlier, she would have been born alive. It's difficult to know that she could have survived for literally months outside of the womb before the time she was born, yet she died because she was in the safe place. It's all so hard to wrap my mind around.

Josie Duggar will always remind me of Lily. Seeing her grow up on the 19 Kids and Counting television show just blows my mind to know my girl would be that big too. They are equally as real and equally as important and cherished by their families.

Yes, Duggars, as you wrote in your post, time does fly. I am thankful too that the Lord brought Lily to me, though she is not here to celebrate her 5th birthday in three months. 

Happy 5th birthday, beautiful Josie!


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  1. I saw this too and it really got to me. She was born just a few weeks older than my boys were when they were born. My boys passed away, and every time I see this little girl I think - my God, my boys could still be here today and be healthy if I had been able to give them just a few more weeks. Big hugs to you as Josie reminds you of how old your little girl would be.


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