Monday, December 8, 2014

"We carry our babies everywhere we go and their memories are special"

My friend Stacy hosted a baby shower in honor of her daughter Rachel's 4th birthday in Heaven. It was for a young woman who is expecting her first child in March, the same month Lily was born.

This is what Stacy shared on her blog when she first posted about it:
"God has presented us with another opportunity to celebrate life and share the love of Christ. We have been led to a young girl from our local high-school who is expecting a baby boy in March. We have never met her, the girls who work at the gas station around the corner told us that she is in need of help preparing for her baby and doesn't have much support. Her name is Lindsey and I hear she is almost done high school, will be graduating in January, has a job too and is a hard worker.
I gave her the option of us having a shower with her in attendance or just gathering and donating items to her. I told her I am pretty good at throwing parties and she accepted. :)  I admit this feels awkward to me. I am nervous about it being a flop and her feeling disappointed or let down. But God put it on my heart and so I am going with it and I'm hoping you will help me!!
I have been having fun helping her pick items and making the invitations. It's such an honor to remember Rachel this way... by pouring my love on others. I have to say the thought of having your first baby so young and not having a time where people gather and celebrate sounds sad to me. I'm pretty sure she would not have had a shower if it wasn't for Rachel. I think this young lady needs to know that choosing life doesn't leave you alone....and I want her to feel the love that God so freely gives through us. So if you are local and can make this, I would be ever so grateful if you stop by and show your support even if you cannot bring a gift."

I was touched that Stacy was doing this, especially after facing two unplanned pregnancies myself. I am passionate about the church of Christ loving on mothers who do choose LIFE for their baby.  

Each year for Christmas, my mom and I like to do something in Lily's honor. The last 2 years, we've given a box to Operation Christmas Child. This year, it seemed perfect to be a part of this baby shower... in Lily's honor for Christmas, in Rachel's honor for her birthday, and as a way to show this mama and her sweet baby some love. We could not make it in person because Stacy lives many states away, but we sent a card that shared a bit about Lily's life and legacy and encouragement for this young mother, along with $43 (43 is a special number to Stacy because that is how many minutes Rachel lives outside the womb).

This is what Stacy wrote on her blog about our gift for the shower (I think what she selected is perfect):
"My friend Hannah Rose - we (you!) helped her get her daughter Lily's headstone last year - sent $43 in honor of Rachel's birthday and in honor of Lily for Christmas and asked me to get something special for Lindsey. I waited to see what would be left on the registry and it was mostly just diapers... which didn't feel enough like Lily and this morning, when I opened my eyes, it came to me! A baby carrier and a memory book! What else says "We carry our babies everywhere we go and their memories are special" more than those together?! So I left to go get them and decided KMart would be faster than Walmart (I don't often go to KMart so I had no idea what to expect from their baby section) I picked up the carrier and the memory book I wanted without even thinking of price, because honestly, I didn't have time to! Do you know how much they cost? Yep, $43. UNREAL!!
I also added in the little "I'm on my way!" ultrasound picture frame as a special thing in Lily's honor because Hannah is a pro-life speaker and writer and I felt like the idea of celebrating LIFE from the beginning - not when they come out, but when they are created - would be a good way to honor Lily for Christmas too! Love you Hannah"


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