Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lily in Philly

This picture makes me smile. It was taken 5 years ago at this time, on one of the days between Christmas and New Year's Day, when I took a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my mom, brothers, and sister. I wasn't far into my third trimester of pregnancy when Lily visited Philly. We had such a fun and memorable trip, walking around downtown, getting hot beverages at charming local coffee shops, exploring historic/touristy destinations, trying the famous Philly cheesesteak sub, and staying at the oldest hotel in the city. My mom and brothers went to an Eagle's football game. I kept having contractions and we joked that "Lily wanted to be born in Philly." My belly was getting a lot bigger, to the point of not being able to button up this coat all the way, as you can see in the photo. That makes me giggle. Lily was growing big and strong! My girl had lots of adventures during her time on Earth with her adoring family.


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